Laava Smart Fingerprint®

Laava Smart Fingerprints® are unique, randomly generated images applied to labelling and packaging, providing growers and manufacturers with the opportunity to offer authentication, digital storytelling and immersive consumer experiences to customers in the marketplace.

Smart Fingerprints feature on the labelling of innovative organisations including Reid Fruits, Cherry Hill Orchards, Tamburlaine Organic Wines, Mildura Fruit Company and Swift + Moore Beverages. Consumers can scan the Laava Smart Fingerprint® unique to each product, verify the product is genuine and then engage in a seamless brand experience.

Smart Fingerprints can also be embedded in documents and digital experiences. In December 2020, Laava was successfully integrated with HARPS Certificates, to ensure the integrity of the certificates that underpin the supply of fresh produce to the major Australian retail chains.

How it works:
1 - Visit: consumer visits the brand website on their smartphone. (No app to download.)

2 - Scan: consumer scans the unique Laava Smart Fingerprint®. It is matched on the secure Laava platform, and its business rules are checked to determine authenticity. If the business uses blockchain, traceability, packing systems or similar, data can be updated in real time from these systems.

3 - Verify: consumer sees a response confirming the authenticity of the product – or alerting them if the product is a ‘suspected counterfeit’.

4 - Enjoy: the consumer is exposed to rich information about that unique item, such as the product’s origin, brand story, unique offers or opportunities to engage more deeply.

Pricing model
  • A range of flexible pricing plans to suit your needs.

  • Prices start from $2,500 + 1c per Fingerprint, as part of our Essentials Package, which includes 1,000 free Fingerprints, easy ordering through Laava Manage (our customer portal), HTML build of up to 2 results screens supplied by your designer (‘authentic’ or ‘suspected counterfeit’), one business rule (scan count), basic scan analytics, and customer support.

  • Laava also has a range of ‘all inclusive’ packages starting from only $5,000, which include design of on-product labels or packaging, plus digital experience design integrated with your web and social media presence.

Installation process
  • Laava Smart Fingerprints® can be deployed to a packhouse in as little as 48hrs, via digital download or as part of pre-printed labels or packaging.

  • They can also be integrated into your existing labelling and packaging systems and operations, including any production, packing or Enterprise Resource Management solution you may already have in place.

  • Smart Fingerprints can be printed on-site and on-demand via a variety of digital processes, including thermal transfer and laser, with easy-to-apply print specifications.

  • Laava has an extensive partner network in supply chain systems, traceability, blockchain, IoT, printing and packaging, and marketing – and can connect you with the right partner to make installation easy.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

Our Customer Service team is always ready to help, online at via LiveChat, our online enquiry form, and phone +61 2 6190 0618.

Our easy to use customer portal, Laava Manage, includes data and analytics so you can track your scan rates.

No maintenance is required.

Units deployed commerciallyOver 2 million individual Laava Fingerprints are now on the market.
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Communications compatibility

Internet access

Data ownership policy

Vendor owns the scan data and customer has

Data privacy and security policy

We are committed to protecting your personal information and your right to privacy. We appreciate that you are trusting us with your personal information, and we take your privacy very seriously.

Our privacy notice explains what information we collect, how we use it and what rights you have in relation to it.

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