Strega Technologies Smart Valve / Emitter

Strega Technologies began operations in 2011 and their team are experienced in Automation, SCADA and communications. They are Remote Monitoring experts, creating solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

A particular focus today is on the smart control of valves used in irrigation and flow control. Using their in-depth knowledge in this area, Strega have built a solution integrating LoRaWAN technology into smart valves to provide wireless remote control and management of the valves. Strega's solution is a smarter way to control the valves thanks to their Scheduler, allowing the solution to overcome the issues of LoRaWAN being a best efforts network for data (i.e. some data packet loss).

Besides being able turn ON/OFF a valve from a platform, the scheduler is locally stored in the device memory for controlling the valves at a predefined interval avoiding under or over watering the crops.

Pricing model

Priced per unit with volume discounts available. Connectivity is via LoRaWAN and can be on a private system or using a public LoRaWAB network such as NNNCo, Meshed (TTN), or Spark NZ.

Installation process

The STREGA Emitter provides a seamless ultra long range wireless capability to irrigation and sprinklers valves. The Emitter connects directly to the DC latching solenoid of the valve while providing wireless connectivity up to 15km from a LoRaWAN Gateway. The STREGA Emitter is ultra-low powered and operates on batteries for up to 5+ year and can be connected to external power or solar to enhance lifespan.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

M2M provide technical and after sales support for Strega Smart Valves and Smart Emitter products.

Units deployed commercially11-50
Energy source

Solar, Battery powered

Communications compatibility


Data ownership policy

Our business focuses on ensuring data is sent securely to a platform / server / system that the customer specifies. We do not manage or analyse the data and leave this to the customer or experts appointed by the customer.

Data privacy and security policy

We do not hold customer data, but design solutions to ensure data is communicated securely from the edge to the customer's own system.

CompanyM2M Connectivity
Supported RegionsAll of Australia
Focus areas
Product type

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