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The DN300-RN is a telemetry unit with 8 available channels that can be used for monitoring and/or control applications. The unit includes a radio that allows remote collection of data and remote control via a DN300-GW unit. The DN300-RN is used where up to 8 inputs and/or outputs are required. The DN300-RN can be easily changed to a gateway by connecting a modem and antenna. Depending on the solutions required at the site, there are a range of modules available that plug into the main board. Examples of applications include: • Tank and channel level monitoring • Weather station or weather sensors • Soil moisture •Flow meter, pressure sensor, flow switch • Pump control – electric or diesel • Solenoid control • Water quality sensors


  • Focus areas
  • Pricing model

    The hardware price for the main telemetry unit is a fixed price, and variations to the price of the DN300-RN is based on what sensors are connected, what devices are being controlled, the modules required, the size of the antenna and whether a 0.25W radio or 1W radio module is required, where longer transmission distances are needed. The DN300-RN is used within a network, on which the yearly fee is based on the number of devices that are connected within the network.

  • Installation process

    Equipment is generally configured and installed by authorised resellers. The installation process will vary according to the application of the unit, such as monitoring or control, such as at a pump. The DN300-RN requires a DN300-GW to be installed in order for remote connection via the web site.

  • Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

    Maintenance generally relates more to the sensors and or controlled devices connected. Diagnostics of the sensor operations, controlled devices, power supply and charging status are all accessible via the web site, therefore any faults can be identified quickly and rectified. With remote units that are solar powered, the most common maintenance required is cleaning the solar panel.

  • Units deployed commercially
  • Energy source

    Mains power via a plug pack or solar power (10 watt) with a 7AH or 9AH 12V SLA battery.

  • Communications compatibility

    Licence free radio, WiFi and soon to be released Lora modules.

  • Data ownership policy

    Data is securely stored on our server, however ownership of the data remains with the client. Options are available for enterprises that wish to store data on their own servers.

  • Data privacy and security policy
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