The DN300-SA is a telemetry unit with 8 available channels that can be used for monitoring and/or control applications. The unit includes a modem that allows remote collection of data and remote control via the website. The DN300-SA is used where a single monitoring and or control site, with up to 8 inputs or outputs is required, and where no communication to other field sites via radio is required. The DN300-SA can be upgraded to a gateway easily and economically with the addition of a radio module and antenna. Depending on the solutions required at the site, there are a range of modules available that plug into the main board. Applications include:

• Tank and channel level monitoring

• Weather station or weather sensors

• Soil moisture

• Flow meter, pressure sensor, flow switch

• Pump control – electric or diesel

• Solenoid control

• Water quality sensors

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Pricing model

Pricing for the DN300-SA is based on what sensors or control/automation solution is required, what plugin modules are used and installation. There is a yearly fee per standalone unit, which covers data hosting, data management, access to web site, SIM card and alerting. The yearly fee is not based on the number of sensors connected to the unit. For the standalone/cellular units, which have a SIM card in each device, there is a reduction in the yearly fee for more than 5 units. For installations where there are more than 3 sites installed, provided that they are within radio telemetry range, its more economical to install a gateway and connect to other field sites via radio, with a yearly network fee that includes up to 99 connected devices.

Installation process

The DN300-SA units are generally supplied pre configured and tested and are in most cases, installed by the authorised reseller. Additional sensors or applications can be added to the unit if and when required. Depending on the new device or application, the module and sensor can be sent to the client to install and configured remotely, otherwise additions to the unit can be arranged by the reseller. The process to upgrade the DN300-SA to a gateway is an easy process of adding a radio module, antenna and configuring the unit to operate as a gateway.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

With remote access to the data, including diagnostics of the sensor values, power management and communication status, any issues can be quickly identified and rectified. Apart from the general maintenance that may be required for some sensors, the main area of maintenance for the telemetry unit is cleaning the solar panel when necessary.

Units deployed commercially180
Energy source

Solar or mains power

Communications compatibility

3G, 4G CATM1, license free radio (0.25W or 1W), WiFi and more options are being added.

Data ownership policy

Data is securely stored on our server, however ownership of the data remains with the client. Options are available for enterprises that wish to store data on their own servers.

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