MAC-WCL (wireless control link)

The MAC-WCL provides a simple and cost effective wireless link for a number of simple control applications. Two radios are required where one radio can be located at a pump site with the additional relay module connected. The other radio can be located on a water tank with a float switch connected. When the level of the water tank drops to a specific level that the float switch has been set to, the tank WCL sends a signal to the WCL at the pump to turn the pump on. When the water tank is refilled to the set level, another signal is sent to turn the pump off. A simple cost effective wireless automated solution for applications where running cable between a water tank and a pump is not practical or cost effective.

Other Applications Include:

  • A WCL radio connected to a control panel on an irrigator. When the control panel initialises an “on” command to the pump, the WCL at the pump receives the signal and turns the pump on. When the control panel initialises an “off” command, the pump WCL receives the command and turns the pump off.

  • A WCL radio connected to a switch on an access gate. When the gate is open, the input WCL radio sends a signal to the WCL at a house where it sounds a buzzer. When the gate is closed, another signal is sent to turn the buzzer off. Any On/Off input can be wirelessly linked to any On/Off output. The feature of this product is that the WVC – Wireless Valve Control units can be easily configured to operate as a WCL - wireless input and output device for such applications listed above and more.

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Pricing model

No ongoing fees associated with the equipment as the units do not rely on any external communications - localised control.

Installation process

Units come pre configured for application and self installation. Can be powered from the internal battery and solar panel, or from mains power supply via a 12V plug pack. Standard antennas are low gain screw in, for distances of up to 500-600m. Higher gain antennas are available for longer distances.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

Only maintenance required is replacing batteries that may fail over a few years of use. Check integrity of cable and cleaning solar panels, where installed.

Units deployed commerciallyProduct has only just been release and there are only several systems installed as of August 2021.
Energy source

3V lithium battery powered by 2 watt solar panel or can be powered from a 12V plug pack where an external power supply is available.

Communications compatibility

Lora radio link point to point.

Data ownership policy

Data is securely stored on our server, however ownership of the data remains with the client. Options are available for enterprises that wish to store data on their own servers.

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Supported RegionsAll of Australia
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