MAC-WVC (wireless valve control)

The MAC-WVC is a wireless valve control system that has been designed as a cost effective alternative to cabling. MAC - WVC Application The MAC - WVC can be used for replacing broken cable or tubing where repairs or replacement of damaged cable or tubing is expensive or not practical. The system can also be used for new installations where wireless valve control is preferred. The MAC-WVC system is compatible with most irrigation controllers, excluding 2 wire decoder systems.

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Pricing model

There is a one time cost for the initial interface board that is supplied in a large enclosure, with plug pack and radio. The only variation to the cost of the interface unit is the antenna, which will depend on the transmission distances required to the field radio nodes. If or when required, additional 8way expansion boards can be purchased to connect to the interface board. The radio nodes in the field come complete with radio, enclosure, control board, battery, solar panel and mounting kit. The only variation to the cost is the antenna, which is dependent on the transmission distance to the controller. No ongoing fees or subscriptions.

Installation process

The interface board with radio is installed at the irrigation controller location. The interface unit can be powered with mains power or solar power. Wiring from a broken cable to a valve is removed from the irrigation controller and wired into the WVC interface board. The interface board can be used to wirelessly control up to 8 valves. Up to 32 valves can be controlled with the addition of up to 3 more 8 way expansion cards. At the valve location in the field, a WVC radio module is installed and a 12VDC latching solenoid is wired into the radio board 12VDC latching solenoids are not supplied with the system. When an open command from the irrigation controller is initiated, the open command to the valve is sent via radio. An close command from the irrigation controller is also sent to the valve wirelessly.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

The status of the field radio nodes can be viewed from a 3.5" touch screen that comes with the interface board. Apart from general maintenance of the valves and irrigation system as a whole, the only maintenance required on the WVC units is cleaning the solar panels in the field and replacing batteries when required. Battery voltage, signal strength and comms from each field radio node can be viewed from the touch screen on the interface board.

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Energy source

Field radio nodes are powered by one 3.2 V lithium rechargeable battery. The interface unit can be powered by a plug pack when mains power is available or a 12V 7AH battery and solar panel.

Communications compatibility

Lora modules

Data ownership policy

Data is securely stored on our server, however ownership of the data remains with the client. Options are available for enterprises that wish to store data on their own servers.

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