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MAIT Industries

MAIT Industries provides innovative monitoring and irrigation-control solutions that help growers, horticulturists, farmers and other water users and providers to improve their water management practices. We have been developing & perfecting irrigation technologies for Australian conditions since 1994.

Today, our products are used Australia wide, by large and small enterprises. The scalability of our solutions means a customer can begin with a basic system, and then add as their needs grow. Clients tell us this is just one of the reasons they like our equipment. Another is its ease of use. We look forward to help you with your automation and monitoring needs.

  • Address

    Unit 4, 97-101 Bayfield Road East
    Bayswater Victoria 3153

  • Country of origin
  • Key Contact
    Lindsay Parker
  • Phone Number
    1300 739 920
  • Year Established
  • Supported Regions
    All of Australia
  • Data ownership policy

    Customer owns all data and has complete autonomy to choose if/when/how to provide access to data to third parties.

  • Data privacy and security policy

    Not provided

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