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Next Instruments

Next Instruments designs and manufactures instruments for the agriculture and food industries. Our products include the Near infrared analyser for measuring protein, oil and moisture in grains and food. We have developed an on-combine grain analyser that measures protein, oil and moisture in grains as they are harvested. This technology provides farmers with the ability to blend grain based on protein, moisture and oil, segregate their grain on farm, optimise nitrogen fertilisation and increase yield.

  • Address

    B1, 366 Edgar Street
    Condell Park New South Wales 2200

  • Country of origin
  • Key Contact
    Mathew Clancy
  • Phone Number
    02 9771 5444
  • Year Established
  • Awards/recognition

    NSW Premier's Western Sydney Export Award (2015)

    Best New Technology Award at the Wimmera Field Days

    Victoria (2016) NSW Premier's Agriculture Export Award (2017)

  • Supported Regions
    All of Australia
  • Data ownership policy

    Data captured from our analysers belongs to the end-user. Next Instruments develops its own software and maintains an internet site where farmers' data is aggregated. Farmers have access to their data using a unique password.

  • Data privacy and security policy

    Next Instruments maintains the internet site where users' data is stored. This Cloud site is secured. Farmers' data is segmented so that only the farmer or our administrator can access it.

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