CropScan 1000H On Farm Grain Analyser

The CropScan 1000H On Farm Grain Analyser is a transportable Near Infrared Analyser designed to measure protein and moisture grains and oil and moisture in oilseeds on farm. The system uses the same NIR technology as used by the receival silos thus providing a high degree of certainty of the measurements for protein, oil and moisture.

The CropScan 1000H is the latest in Next Instrument's series of farmer based NIR Grain Analysers. It has the ability to be upgraded to the Cr3300H On Combine Analyser by the addition of a Remote Sampling Head and Touch Screen Tablet PC. This means the system can be used on a combine during harvest and then used on a bench for outloading.

Pricing model

The CropScan 1000H is a capital item and is either leased or purchased outright.

Installation process

The CropScan 1000H is a free standing NIR analyser that is supplied with calibrations for wheat, barley and canola and is ready to use.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

Next Instruments recommends that the CropScan 1000H be serviced and a calibration check be performed annually. Maintenance is simple and farmers can maintain the instrument easily.

Units deployed commercially51-100
Energy source

Battery powered, Mains powered

Communications compatibility


Data ownership policy

Data captured from our analysers belongs to the end-user. Next Instruments develops its own software and maintains an internet site where farmers' data is aggregated. Farmers have access to their data using a unique password.

Data privacy and security policy

Next Instruments maintains the internet site where users' data is stored. This Cloud site is secured. Farmers' data is segmented so that only the farmer or our administrator can access it.

CompanyNext Instruments
Supported RegionsAll of Australia
Case Study

The CropScan 1000H has been designed to measure protein and moisture in wheat and barley, as well as oil and moisture in canola. This Application Note presents data to validate the accuracy and precision of the CropScan 1000H On Farm Analyser.

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