CropScan 3000 Automated Grain Analysis System

The CropScan 3000 Automated Grain Analysis System is a multi function system designed to automate the analysis of grains and oil seeds in a receival silo, grain trade, farmer or agricultural research laboratory. The CropScan 3000 AGS measures protein, oil, moisture, test weight, screenings, retention and tonnage.

The system includes the CropScan 3000B Whole Grain Analyser, Sievematic II Test Weight and Screenings Analyser, CropNet Grain Data Management and a second monitor. The CropNet software installed in the CropScan 3000B Whole Grain Analyser controls the entire system and collects the data from the Cr3000B, Sievematic II and Weighbridge and records it into a spreadsheet format.

Load information such as truck ID, variety, grade and farmer are stored in the spreadsheet. The location and tonnage for each load are allocated to each storage system (silo number, bunker, shed). A virtual farm shows each storage system along with the running average for protein, moisture and oil.

Pricing model

CropScan 3000 AGS is a capital item and can be acquired either through leasing or outright purchase.

Installation process

The CropScan 3000 AGS is set up by a Next Instruments technician.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

The CropScan 3000 AGS is set up by a Next Instruments technician.

Units deployed commercially11-50
Energy source

Mains powered

Communications compatibility


Data ownership policy

Data captured from our analysers belongs to the end-user. Next Instruments develops its own software and maintains an internet site where farmers' data is aggregated. Farmers have access to their data using a unique password.

Data privacy and security policy

Next Instruments maintains the internet site where users' data is stored. This Cloud site is secured. Farmers' data is segmented so that only the farmer or our administrator can access it.

CompanyNext Instruments
Supported RegionsAll of Australia
Focus areas
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