Batt-Latch gate release timer

This standalone timer releases a spring or tape gate allowing stock to move to the dairy, the feedpad or herd home, or to the next grazing block. Up to four releases per day can be stored, the delay can be as long as two weeks.It's solar powered and fully waterproof. Being portable and supplied with a strap, you only need one timer per herd or mob. In some situations with milking cows, each timer can save over 450 hours of work per year, and farmers report substantial reductions in lameness. When used with drystock, it reduces their stress on being closed in, as they recognise the timer will let them go at some stage. This saves on fencing costs and pugging. A 3G SMS feature can be added to the timer, standard texts from one or several smartphones control the timer as though you were right beside it.

Pricing model

You pay up front for the standard timer, there are no ongoing costs. The SMS version is also sold complete, it's text only and you will need to put some funds on its SIM card annually, to keep the card alive.

Installation process

Close the stock in with the supplied spring gate stretched across the gateway, after locking the normal gate up to the fenceline or out of the way. The timer's strap goes around the post that the stock won't be turning on, the hook on the temporary gate goes under the release cam of the timer, and the black dog clip on the other end of the spring gate is attached to the other post. We recommend placing a gate staple on the inside of each post for this. Once the stock is used to the timer (1-4 days) they'll wait for in line for the next release, after cleaning up the paddock. You can also energise the gateway from the hook end if needed, a clip lead is supplied. Some farmers change to shock cord gates, they make less noise on release but possibly last longer in the field. Maximum allowed loading from a gate is 7kg inline with the shaft. Other methods of holding or capturing animals are detailed in the manual.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

We provide a 24 month warranty on return to base basis, with repairs either in Tasmania or New Zealand. This covers most issues except obvious mistreatment or overloading. Repairs after the warranty period are cost-effective and come with their own shorter warranty of 6 months (repair) or 12 months (new outer case, refurb).

Units deployed commerciallyApproximately 1000
Energy source

These timers are all solar powered, and unless a fault develops will stay working for months on a charge. We recommend putting the timers into storage with jobs removed and allowing sun exposure at least once a month for a day or so.

Communications compatibility

3G for the SMS version, moving to 4G soon.

Data ownership policy

Customer owns all data, we sell our products up front and there is no ongoing need for data collection by us, but we will provide a lifetime of service and free software updates.

Data privacy and security policy

We don't store customer data unless it's provided to us to help develop the products further.

CompanyNovel Ways Limited
Supported RegionsAll of Australia
Focus areas
Product type

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