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Onside Teams

Designed for rural contractors, suppliers and service properties who regularly visit rural properties. Onside Teams maps the properties you visit for you, so you can add property contact details and hazards ready for you or your teams next visit.

- Where’s My Team Dashboard

- Customer Text Notifications

- Property Mapping

- Risk Pin Location

- Overdue Lone Worker Alerts

- Visit & Risk Reporting

  • Focus areas
  • Pricing model

    $10-$15 per person

  • Installation process

    The software is customized and set up remotely

  • Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

    Customer support is available during business hours

  • Communications compatibility

    Product works best with any internet connectivity, but does have functionality offline

  • Data ownership policy

    The personal information that you provide will primarily be used in connection with the services offered by Onside to both individuals and the Onside community. If you are a platform users, platform data about you may be shared with other members of the Onside community to support functionality of the product. More detail of information use, data use and disclosure of information can be found on our privacy policy page.

  • Data privacy and security policy

    Onside’s customer data is segregated by Access Control Lists maintained by the Onside application. All interactions within Onside are bound to a security context which respects these ACLs. Security contexts prevent unauthorised access of data between customers.

    Database connection strings are kept separate from the codebase and are encrypted per environment with a strict access policy, audit logging. All non-production data is anonymised (when used in other environments or for development purposes).

Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our legal statement.

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