Optimum Surface Landforming Design & Machine Control

We take your topographic data and produce a landform design that solves irrigation and drainage problems, saving up to 80% in earthworks over traditional methods.


  • OptiSurface Designer - Desktop Software to design optimised 3D landform designs to solve irrigation and drainage problems.

  • OptiWorks - 3D GPS machine control system for agricultural earthworks.

Pricing model

Design and design software is sold by the hectare, starting at $297. Machine Control system is sold as a once of license payment.

Installation process

The OptiSurface designs are implemented by farmers or contractors with compatible GPS machine control systems. The machine control system is installed by a third-party service provider.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia


Units deployed commercially500+
Data ownership policy

Not provided

Data privacy and security policy

Not provided

Supported RegionsAll of Australia
Focus areas
Product type

Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our legal statement.

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