Pairtree delivers a universal computer dashboard that centralises data from all of your farm’s digital services and devices together in one easy to navigate space. A single log in allows you to access and view information from different sources much more efficiently.

A Pairtree subscription also includes detailed weather and market data, mapping & satellite services and industry news.

Pairtree complements your existing and future AgTech solutions from the providers of your choice. We are completely independent and believe in your right to choose which digital devices, software, hardware, apps or services work best for you.

Our job is to pull all of your data sets together in real time to help drive efficiencies and provide maximum benefits for you and your business.

Pairtree offers integrations that enable ‘data stacking’ so you can visualise and analyse data from completely different sources together for the first time, supporting better decision-making, confidence and productivity.

Pricing model

A Pairtree CORE subscription delivers the basics of hyper-local weather forecasting and historic trends, spray conditions forecasting, livestock and grains markets, basic satellite imagery and mapping for less than $2 per week.

A Pairtree PLUS subscription includes premium versions of the CORE offering, plus supports integrations with digital devices and services from more than 90 AgTech companies for just over $1 per day + set up and ongoing fees for data integrations.

See our Subscriptions page for more details.

Pairtree for Business builds bespoke data integration and display solutions for agricultural enterprises and agencies to deliver data feeds to their clients in a user-friendly way using their own branding. Pricing on application.

Installation process

Pairtree will set you up remotely. For basic Pairtree CORE and PLUS subscriptions, you simply need to provide us with the latitude and longitude of your preferred position on the map so we can deliver the most relevant hyper-localised weather and market prices for your location.

For integrations, we will access your data through the cloud after gaining permission from you and your digital device and service providers.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

Pairtree data is reliant on you and your providers’ maintenance of devices and systems, however, if we detect problems with data consistency from one of your providers, we will alert them to the issue on your behalf.

Pairtree PLUS subscribers receive technical support within 48 hours.

Units deployed commercially11-50
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Data ownership policy

Pairtree respects the private ownership of farm data and supports and adheres to the National Farmers Federation (NFF) Australian Farm Data Code. If ever requested to share data between farmers or others for research or better service delivery purposes, we will seek the express permission from the owner of the data for it to be used for that particular purpose.

Data privacy and security policy

The Pairtree platform is built around the secure exchange of data and data security is our number one priority. Data can only be accessed by the owner of that data or those who have been granted express permission to access it for defined purposes.

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