Pairtree is a universal dashboard that centralises all farm data into a single platform for operational decision making. Pairtree provides you business flexibility in choosing which device, software, hardware, app, etc. that is most appropriate for the productive management of your business.

Pairtree is independent and not aligned with any provider, creating an umbrella approach to any farm data. Your key data sets from across the entire page can be viewed and analysis in a consistent and repeatable approach.

A single login allows access to visualising your data. Pairtree works with your providers to allow access to these key messages and then allows you to continue to interact with your existing platform for data input and management.

Pricing model

You can Purchase Pairtree CORE (including Geo-Located weather forecasting, SPRAYMATE, Satellite map base and layers, Calendar, Tasking, Markets, News and Twitter feeds), without adding any solutions to integrate. CORE allows you to establish a planned approach to how best monitor and evaluate your entire operation and add solutions that add value to your existing CORE business.

As you then start to build out your suite of agtech solutions, Pairtree then has two parts:

  1. Integration and setup, this component is a one off cost for each data feed type that is connected.

  2. Monthly Subscription, as there is maintenance of server costs and other costs to ensure the best customer experience that we can offer.

Installation process

Pairtree can remotely setup your suite of dashboards, as we will access your data through the cloud after gaining permission from you and your provider.

Our dashboards are designed to be reflective and representative of the data sets that you have requested. Your homepage then can be customised to initiate your landing page.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

Pairtree data is reliant on your providers up keep of their devices and systems. Pairtree will monitor data feeds and if there is issues with data consistency then we will contact the provider to try and rectify any issues. We would suggest particularly for IoT devices that they are Ringer, livestock and damage proof as much as possible, as we have seen some questionable installations, where longevity has been shortened by poor installs.

Units deployed commercially11-50
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Data ownership policy

Pairtree's data ownership policy is that FARMERS' DATA is always the FARMERS' DATA. As a grass roots company developed by a farmer, we understand the issues with big companies trying to capitalise on data. Pairtree seeks permission from the owner to only access the data required for high level decision making/ dashboarding. If there are requests to share data between farmers, groups or others, Pairtree would seek approval and push to reward the owners.

Data privacy and security policy

Pairtree's data privacy policy is simple: data is only accessed by the owner OR those that are granted access by the owner of that data. Pairtree uses best practice to ensure that access to data is authenticated and only permissions-based access is granted to the correct data sets. Security is our number one priority and the Pairtree platform is built around the secure exchange of data within the ecosystem.

CompanyPairtree Intelligence
Supported RegionsAll of Australia
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