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You farm with livestock that grazes pasture, and you want to make informed grazing decisions from pasture measurements for maximising your farm profit margins.

You’ve come to the right place, as the service builds around that. It focuses on optimising pasture and grazing management for increased farm profit.

We do this by supplying you with satellite pasture measurements in a pasture and grazing management app that analyses all the necessary data to reduce your daily decision-making fatigue and increase your decision-making confidence.

All of this comes together automatically, so you can get on with farming.

Each day, the app automatically collects information to make all this happen:

  • Satellites fly over your farm that delivers images

  • Local daily weather information is collected

  • Paddock activities are recorded, such as fert and grazing events

Once the above information is known, you receive paddock and farm level numbers with rolling 14-day forecasts:

  • Pasture covers (KgDM/ha)

  • Pasture growth rates (KgDM/

  • Leaf emergence rates (days to grow a leaf)

  • Cloudy days model (fills the gap when satellites can’t see your pasture)

It sounds a lot to take in, but really, you do all this each day on your farm, whether in your head or notebook, and the difference here is that the work is completed for you and with higher accuracy.

Pricing model

The pricing model is an annual subscription with plans to suit extensive and intensive grazing systems. Custom payment plans are also available.

Installation process

There is no installation process, and the initial setup can happen very quickly. To get started:

  1. Signup at

  2. We’ll draw or import your farm map and turn the satellites on and then you can

  3. Access via any web browser on a phone, tablet, or computer

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

We make sure that you keep in the loop with the latest advancements:

  • Upgrades and enhancements to the service happen regularly and automatically.

  • Support is provided to all our customers no matter where you are in the world with a dedicated Account Manager for training and support.

Units deployed commerciallyN/A - global coverage with software deployed in an online environment.
Energy source

N/A - you can access the app from your phone, tablet or computer with an internet connection.

Communications compatibility

Offline use is read-only, and Wifi / 3G or above is required for saving data.

Data ownership policy

Data privacy and security policy Pty Ltd
Supported RegionsAll of Australia
Case Study

Stuart Burr is a true success story where his family farm went from not measuring their pastures and being big believers in “eyeballing” their pasture measurements to making informed grazing decisions from accurate pasture measurements.

This new management approach came about after joining the Dairy on PAR Measuring and Monitoring project in 2015, where a rising plate meter took pasture measurements. was a project partner and enabled the project to store and analyse manual pasture measurements online. This project is when the relationship between Stuart and began.

By making informed grazing decisions with measured data, Stuart could see the benefit and continued measuring his pastures after the project finished.

With the recent advancements in remote sensing technology, Stuart jumped on board and has had automatic measurements since mid-2018.

Stuart has supported this by saying, “We’ve calculated we’re making between $60,000-$80,000 extra a year by getting it right using”

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