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Put your pasture measurement on autopilot. We tap into 168 satellites to give you the best possible chance at daily satellite readings, combined with weather forecasting and machine learning for the world's most accurate automated pasture cover readings. Our new User Interface is second-to-none, designed to get you into the system to make your decision and out as fast as possible. And it is FAST. We don't dictate to you how you get to see your data - if you want to see maps, tables, graphs or calendars, it's all there - flexible and intuitive. The more you put into the system the better it gets - record your grazings, fertilisations, sprayings, plantings and harvests... you get more accurate automated readings and that extra data presented how and when you need it for your decision-making process. Accessible on all devices. - Graze Smarter

Case Study

We've calculated we’re making between $60,000-$80,000 extra a year by getting it right using Stuart Burr, Tasmania.

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