Need coverage and connectivity across an entire property or region? As the agriculture industry becomes more focused on maximising productivity and operational efficiency, data connectivity is becoming a vital commodity.

ecoSphere® by Pivotel is a custom-built 4G network designed to provide coverage and connectivity to entire regions. ecoSphere® brings cost effective mobile connectivity to rural and remote sites across Australia, with a focus on delivering real productivity gains and cost savings, while also improving safety and personal communications for staff and families.

The use of 4G technology allows ecoSphere® to provide a single communications solution capable of covering large distances, and supporting a wide range of applications, from high bandwidth uses such as home broadband connectivity, camera and security systems, and personal communications, to low bandwidth devices such as soil and water monitoring, and irrigation systems.

  • Focus areas
  • Pricing model

    Pricing and ongoing service plans are POA.

  • Installation process

    Pivotel designs a bespoke network for your site, the installation and rollout is carefully planned and fully managed by the team at Pivotel.

  • Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

    ecoSphere by Pivotel networks are built, setup and run by a team of network engineers at Pivotel.

  • Units deployed commercially
  • Energy source
    Solar, Battery powered, Mains powered
  • Communications compatibility
    3G/4G, Private LTE network
  • Data ownership policy

    Not provided

  • Data privacy and security policy

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