AgTech Directory is a fully customised, complete end-to-end IoT ecosystem that connects people, 'things' and the internet by deploying wireless access networks across your property. includes the ability to integrate with existing assets, is visible on a single cloud or on premises dashboard, and combines live and historical information and data with analytics, machine control, event logging and alerts via SMS and email.

The connectivity module has been developed and designed entirely in-house by the Powertec IoT division. The module allows connection to virtually any sensor and utilises NB-IoT (4G), LoRaWAN, WiFi and Bluetooth to present the data to our Microsoft Azure hosted Dashboard. Live and historical data and analytics with machine control are all part of the solution.

Case Study

In this case study for digital livestock farming Powertec provided the following:- Solar powered base station with cellular router for internet net access, LoRa gateway, Long range, high capacity WiFi and wireless datalinks to provide connectivity between buildings and sheds- Gate open/closed monitoring- Weather stations- Soil moisture probes- Grain silo monitoring- Water tank monitoring- Water Pump control- Asset tracking- Dashboard

Please view the current case study here

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