Australia’s first antibiotic and ionophore free nutrition range, ProTect™. ProTect™ is a formulated product range including premix, supplement and full feed ration, designed to be fed with cereal grain rations to provide health and safety, while optimising feed efficiency and animal performance. ProTect™ is appropriate for use in feedlots and drought lots, supplementary feeding or weaning. Underpinning the ProTect™ technology is our patent pending technology Optiwise®. ProTect™ has scientifically shown optimisation of digestion, stability of rumen pH and maintenance of animal health and safety. ProTect™ has commercially shown improvements in productivity, performance and profitability. ProAgni ProTect™ provides the alternative to using antibiotics for growth promotion, in animal production. If you didn’t have to use antibiotics, why would you?

Pricing model

Product is available via retail sale through your local reseller, or wholesale direct from our trusted manufacturers. Product is available in 25kg bag, 1 tonne bags or in bulk.

Installation process

ProTect should be mixed into the grain ration ensuring even distribution throughout. For best results use a mixer feed wagon. Alternatively, add the prescribed concentration while auguring grain, taking care to achieve accurate grain flow rates. • Free from urea and hormones • Free from Lasalocid and Monensin • Nil withholding period, nil export slaughter Intervals • Feed only to sheep or cattle • Do not feed wet, mouldy products to any animal

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

Product support is available online and via our sales and support team.

Units deployed commercially25 Million units
Energy source

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Data ownership policy

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Data privacy and security policy

ProAgni (Aust) Pty Ltd ACN 627 185 960 (“we”, “our” or “us”) is committed to complying with the Australian Privacy Principles as contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) ("Act")

Supported RegionsACT, NSW, QLD, SA, VIC
Case Study

The Thomas Elder Institute conducted a lamb feeding trial to evaluate the suitability of ProTect S as a supplement in a minimal fibre diet fed to lambs in a commercial feedlot situation.  This was a 60 days trial, located in Southern Queensland during the summer months of Nov, Dec 2018. The trial was independently managed and results showed, ProTect S provided suitable protection of the lambs fed a low fibre diet, with lambs achieving good live weight gain and feed efficiency. Lambs gained 20kg per head and had average daily weight gain of 324 grams.  Feed conversion was 4.1kg grain intake for 1kg of liveweight gain.

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