Agrispatial Mapping

Agrispatial Mapping is a suite of GIS mapping products designed to assist growers and agronomists to better manage their farms and paddocks.

It consists of a set of optional data layers beginning from the sub-soil layers and progressing, where appropriate, to the canopy layer. It provides advanced data for zonal management of land based on:

  • Soil quality

  • Nutrient retention

  • Sun exposure

  • Wind exposure

  • Drainage patterns

  • Growth patterns

  • Yield records

  • Crop health

  • ground cover health

And more.

Pricing model

Our pricing is determined by the size of the farm(s) and the data layers required to provide the knowledge to inform zonal management to meet the needs of the grower. There is no monthly or annual subscription fee. We only charge for the devices provided to the grower and the on-farm services we provide to meet your needs.

Installation process

Deployment can be either as a full on-farm service suite, or as training and support to allow farm personnel to collect data with remote processing and analysis. Data analysis skills can be transferred to the grower over time to allow a full self-service solution with support as required.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

We can deploy support staff on the ground almost anywhere in Australia to support growers in getting the most productivity from our suite of data services.

Units deployed commercially11-50
Energy source

Battery powered

Data ownership policy

All data is owned by the customer and is not provided to any third party without the customer's permission. Customer has complete autonomy to choose when and how the data is used. Vendor only retains the right to use de-identified data for marketing purposes.

Data privacy and security policy

We maintain a secure client cloud environment where data is made available for download for a strictly limited timeframe. After that, data is retained only on our internal, offline data systems and made available to clients on demand.

CompanyQueensland Drones
Supported RegionsNSW, QLD
Focus areas
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