Seed Terminator

Seed Terminator is a completely fresh look at mechanical devitalisation of weed seeds at harvest. It provides a simple one pass solution to harvest weed seed control. Weed and volunteer seeds present in the chaff material leaving the cleaning shoe are intercepted and pulverised. The processed material is spread back onto the paddock to return nutrients and soil protective mulch. Multi-stage Hammer Mill.

Pricing model

The capital cost of the Seed Terminator is between A$115,000-120,000. The consumable parts are available for purchase. Running costs of A$2.38ha for the MY18 technology. The MY19 mill tech will cost less and last longer while providing the same high level of control.

Installation process

The Seed Terminator is installed by Authorised Dealers or a Seed Terminator Technician.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

We have technical staff on the ground in most Australian states and territories to provide 'boots on the ground' support to growers. We also provide technical phone support over harvest.

Units deployed commercially51-100
Energy source

Mechanically Driven off the Harvester

Data ownership policy

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CompanySeed Terminator
Supported RegionsACT, NSW, SA, VIC, WA
Case Study

Graham & Tracy Dickson (Wyalkatchem, WA)

3000ha 100% Cropping, Ryegrass brome grass

"I have complete faith in the Seed Terminator journey, after seeing what they did making the driveline bulletproof in 2017, then seeing the reduction in power and wear in 2018. I can't wait to see what they come up with next." 

​"2017 was our 1st yr with the Seed Terminator, we had it on our Case 7230 and it was pretty much running at 100% engine load. We changed over to a new 7240 halfway through the 2018 harvest & the new machine did about 100 hours with the ST. I noticed the reduction in power on the old header & with the new header, I didn’t even notice it was on the back. The power draw is down & even after 350 hours cutting at around beer can height or lower the screens are still good to go. The new header with MY18 version was running at 80-90% engine load & even pushing into some really good crop, going uphill, in deep ripped country with huge straw loads it was no worries at all." - Graham Dickson.

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