Source Check

Internal validation of QA/QC systems, comprehensive supply chain analysis, product provenance.

Pricing model

Business, product and requirement dependant. Very cost effective and efficient.

Installation process

The solution is implemented by Source Certain and controlled by the business owner. It acts as a third party independent audit of current processes, which cannot be defrauded or altered unlike paper based data or digital traceability options.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

Usually this is a one off check or a regular (i.e. annual) check for businesses. We have staff available to assist across Australia and globally. We provide support by phone and through our online management system.

Units deployed commercially-
Data ownership policy

Customer owns provenance verification report. Data is not provided to third parties unless with written consent from the client.

Data privacy and security policy

The business operates to ISO 17025 and is managed by a Quality Manual. All data is quality controlled, reviewed by scientific experts and stored securely, with offsite backups. With a fully functioning forensic analytical facility, Quarantine permits and appropriate drug Schedule licenses security is paramount.

CompanySource Certain International
Supported RegionsAll of Australia
Focus areas
Product type

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