Telesense Sensors

Telesense has worked with commodity handlers and farmers to develop a range of innovative products suitable for use at any site where bulk commodities are stored. Our products are continuously tested in the field to ensure they are robust yet easy to install and manage. A range of sensor types are available to suit varied site conditions with all connecting through to central easy to use software. Telesense provide 3 main sensor types; Cellular Spears, Gateway Spears, Cellular or Connected Balls. A range of robust, easy to install sensors ready for silo's, bunkers, sheds or transport (eg ships).

Telesense sensor
Pricing model

Hardware is priced per unit with associated software delivered on a subscription basis.

Installation process

In many cases the solution can be set up by the farmer, however Telesense or one of our partners can assist with installation in more complex situations.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

We provide support by phone during normal working hours and have a growing network of partners to support customers across the country.

Units deployed commercially>100
Communications compatibility

3G, 4G, Wifi or cable connection to internet.

Data ownership policy

Customer owns all data collected. Vendor has rights to use data to develop and improve it's services and technology.

Data privacy and security policy

We maintain a secure cloud environment where data is curated, quality controlled and stored, so it can be re-purposed for a positive benefit.

CompanyTelesense Australia
Supported RegionsACT, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA
Focus areas
Product type

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