The 250-animal NZ Kiwipole breeding nucleus has animals that have been milked in New Zealand since 2011 and spans several different bloodlines from US Holstein, to Crossbreed to Jersey. This has enabled the development and selection of the best fit genetics for a variety of farming systems and heat stress tolerance for tropical farming clients.

The slick gene is present in several dairy clusters around the world, in NZ, USA, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Tanzania and Mozambique. Thermo Regulatory Genetics Limited has lead the development of the slick nucleus in many of these markets and offers an outcross for those with established herd momentum.

Pricing model

Priced per unit, an minimum quantity may apply depending on the location of the farm.

Installation process

Purchase frozen Semen Straw.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

Technical advice on breeding the right composite for the right farming system, spanning from Feedlot to Pasture.

Units deployed commercially0-10
Data ownership policy

The customer owns the genetics and associated performance data, although we expect that data to flow through the normal daughter proving schemes for dairy bulls in Australia.

Data privacy and security policy

As above, we sell genetics, no data is transacted.

CompanyThermo Regulatory Genetics
Supported RegionsNSW, NT, QLD, VIC
Focus areas
Product type

Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our legal statement.

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