Telemex Smart Irrigation

Telemex is an end-to-end solution for irrigation water schemes and their clients to oversee their demand management and delivery requirements. It includes the full management of water allocations, titles, transfers and changeovers, as well as meter management, scheme management and automated notifications. The heart of the solution is a customer portal used by water customers to lodge, manage and visualise the impact of water orders which then drives the actual water delivery activities through an integrated process control solution. Telemex builds on Tyeware's expertise and innovation across the Australian water industry, furthering our mission to cultivate water sustainability through customer-centric solutions.

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Pricing model

Pricing for the Telemex SI solution is based around a single annual license fee per customer and then a price banding per managed water meter within the system. Note that this solution is targeted to water authorities providing governance and oversight on irrigation schemes rather than individual farms - although each customer of water delivery is still a user of the customer portal to place and manage water orders.

Installation process

Telemex Smart Irrigation is a cloud-hosted SaaS solution requiring no on-site installation. Configuration of the solution to meet the needs of each irrigation scheme provider is included as part of customer on-boarding process.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

A commitment is made to a system up-time of 99.5% for each client. The license agreement is based on an annual agreement that includes all feature and fault upgrades at no additional cost. Support for clients is provided by our skilled team from our office in North Queensland, via phone, email and ticketing systems.

Units deployed commercially1
Energy source

Not applicable

Communications compatibility

Any Internet connection.

Data ownership policy

Customer owns all data and has complete autonomy to choose if/when/how to provide access to data to third parties

Data privacy and security policy


CompanyTyeware Pty Ltd
Supported RegionsAll of Australia
Case Study

Faced with end-of-life control systems and the challenge of overseeing a complex water ordering process with a small team, Pioneer Valley Water embarked on a journey of renewal and innovation. A key component of this was the upgrade of decades-old, obsolete control and communications technology to new, open solutions. PV Water made the decision to completely rethink its demand-management workflow to empower its customers to manage their water orders and allocations and to for it to directly drive water delivery through the control system.

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