Nutrition and Water


Nutrition and Water

With the growing number of technologies that can support animal nutrition and water management decisions, producers will need to consider whether they require individual tools or an integrated system of devices, sensors, and software.

Whole farm management software solutions give producers the ability to track inventory and day-to-day usage of both feed and water inputs. Pairing this data with specialised nutrition-planning applicationsĀ can assist greatly in farm-wide feed and water tracking, analysis, and purchasing.

For producers aiming to gain a more in-depth understanding of their herds or flock-level consumption of inputs, technologies such as water tank and feed trough monitors offer localised real-time updates of inventory and consumption. Innovations such as smart cameras, motion sensors, and flow meters can integrate directly with your whole farm management software.

To go one step further, AgTech solutions offering an animal-by-animal breakdown of consumption are becoming available through personal tracking devices such as ear-tags or embedded animal health monitors. Farmers can use these smart devices to calculate accurate estimates of per-animal feed and water consumption, link the information to real-time weight gain and development, more accurately forecast growth, and improve breed planning outcomes.