uSEE Remote Monitoring Tank Sensor

The uSEE Remote Monitoring Tank Sensor is a solar powered unit that uses ultrasonic technology to measure water levels. Using mobile or satellite networks (where no coverage is available), the water level readings are uploaded simultaneously to a secure online dashboard on the uSEE website where they can be viewed via a mobile or desktop device. Email and SMS notifications are integrated to alert you if the water level is above or below your desired pre-set limits.

The unit includes flexible mounting hardware to ensure the best possible setup. Sites Include:

  • Tanks

  • Irrigation Systems

  • Dams

Pricing model

DIT products are available for purchase or rent.

Installation process

The uSEE Remote Monitoring Tank Sensor is installed by DIT Technicians.

Ongoing maintenance required and support provided in Australia

DIT provide ongoing support for all products.

Units deployed commercially-
Energy source

Solar, Battery powered

Communications compatibility

3G/4G, Satellite

Data ownership policy

Not provided

Data privacy and security policy

Not provided

CompanyDIT Technologies
Supported RegionsQLD
Focus areas
Product type

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