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Rainfall Monitoring

Take a closer look at your property’s precipitation level history through different graphs and information. Using IoT rain gauges, you can look at real-time and historical data about your rainfall. The Farmdeck app has 4 views available: daily, monthly, annual, and three-year rainfall. The sensors Farmdeck uses to monitor rainfall levels are called weather stations. They can also be used for monitoring temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, and air pressure. Read more about Rainfall Monitoring at

Rainfall Monitoring

Case Study

Rainfall monitoring at Red Hill Farm Red Hill Farm is located in Barraba, a town 90 kilometres north of Tamworth, NSW, a region deeply affected by the drought after two years without rain (from 2017 to 2019). Red Hill Farm counts 700 breeding cows, which can each consume up to 200L/day of water. Rainfall management is an essential part of Red Hill’s water management strategy. To sustain the cows, the farm has 8 water tanks, and up to 50 active troughs at any given time. A daily water run was required to assess the impact of any rainfall and to ensure paddocks have enough water. This solution uses Lora technology with weather stations to gauge rainfall. These sensors are connected to a gateway while the data collected is hosted in the cloud. The data is then accessible via the Farmdeck app on any device and anywhere. Read the whole case study here:

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